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  • Emergency Care

    If your pet is in need of emergency care, call us at (510) 234-4582.

    For Referral Emergency Care, Contact:
    Pet Emergency Treatment Services
    10th St. and University Ave.
    Berkeley, CA
    (510) 548-6684

    Emergency care is available 24 hours a day. The hospital phone is always answered. During regular business hours our receptionist will refer you to Dr. Naqvi. When our office is closed you will be referred to our cellular service or the Pet Emergency Treatment Center. All visits are reported to Dr. Naqvi to insure appropriate care.

  • We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Gwen Fresquez and to say a word of deep appreciation for the 28 years of service to El Cerrito Pet and the many, many pets that she cared for. She is greatly missed. - Dr. and Mrs. Syed Naqvi